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Research shows that lying causes nose temperature to rise

A recent psychological study at the University of Granada in Spain has found that when people are lying, the temperature of their nose increases.

Researchers used a thermographic camera to track the temperature of participants’ faces as they lied and felt the emotions that came along with it. In a thermographic picture, colors toward the blue spectrum are cooler, while red is the hottest.

According to Live Science, when participants lied, their face’s greatest jump in temperature was around the nose and in the inner corner of the eyes. A fib caused the nose on the thermographic image to be much redder than the rest of the face.

Researchers also found that facial temperature increased significantly when people experienced a high amount of anxiety. They believe a part of the brain called the insula is what is responsible for creating this reaction.

The New York Times  described the insula as the site of many of our emotions, including pride, humiliation and guilt. It is also thought to control how we morally respond to certain situations.

Currently, polygraph and lie detector tests have a stigma for not being very accurate. They are most often reserved for entertainment and talk shows. But maybe, in the future, thermographic images will be more acceptable as evidence.

  • Anton Sulistiyono