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Merriam-Webster declares ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’ as words of the year

Merriam-Webster dictionary has declared the words “socialism” and “capitalism” as the most frequently searched words of the year.

The words “trended together [showing] that when one was looked up, so was the other,” Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster’s editor-at-large, told CBS This Morning.

Sokolowski added that the words’ search numbers were particularly high during the debates any time that healthcare was discussed as well as towards the end of the election. People were inspired to type the keywords in their search bars to become more educated citizens.

Other frequent word searches included touché, bigot, marriage, democracy, professionalism, globalization, malarkey and schadenfreude. Americans were undoubtedly caught in a political mindset this year, prompting a majority of these searches.

According to, socialism, democracy, marriage and touché remained in the top searches even through this week.

Who knows what next year will bring. With the election out of the way, perhaps entertainment will take center stage.

Reality TV shows will probably play a big role in the search. After all, contestants are known to constantly use buzzwords (How many times does the Bachelor or Bachelorette say “vulnerable” in any given season?), use words incorrectly, or make up their own words.

Major events, such as the birth of William and Kate’s royal baby, are also likely to have an impact.

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