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Man arrested Wednesday for a recent murder and two dating back to 1993

A man was arraigned Wednesday after he had killed three women.

CNN reports that two of the three women were killed about 20 years ago and the most recent killing happened this week.

Lucius Crawford of Mount Vernon, New York was arrested for the murders. He stabbed 41-year-old Tanya Simmons in the chest nine times just recently, according to the Associated Press.  She was found in his bed by officers. He was not home when the officers discovered her body.

Police officers went to his house initially to question him about a September 1993 and an October 1993 murder.

When police located Crawford he confessed to the murder of the woman in his home as well as the murder of the women in 1993.

Crawford told police he “has anger issues and he did in fact murder this young lady and that he has done this in the past,” according to Mount Vernon police Commissioner Carl Bell.

Bell also said, “He focuses his attacks on young women. He befriends them and at some point he ends up either attacking them or killing them.”

Crawford was arraigned on Wednesday and is now in the Westchester County jail until his court hearing on Monday.