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Dover school board member trying to cut football program

A school board member in Dover, New Hampshire wants to ban the football program from the schools.

Paul Butler, a retired surgeon, played football as a kid and even in college. He had shown research to the school board members that shows concussions on developing brains could leave a lasting impact on a person and could cause possible brain damage, depression, and dementia. according to the Huffington Post.

Butler stated, “I’ll do my best to try to convince the other members of the school board that it. Football, unlike hockey, unlike lacrosse — both of which are violent games — football is the one where the head gets repeatedly banged.”

CNN reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics calls football a contact and collision sport because of the players being constantly slammed into each other.

The National Federation of State High School Association says research shows that students who participate in vigorous sports do better in math and science, as compared to those who do not.

“My worry is that if we have this information… about how dangerous concussions are, and we continue to fund the program, it seems to me that we are encouraging something that is morally and ethically wrong. It could put a school at financial risk so we don’t have enough money to educate the children,” Butler said.