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Increase in insider attacks may change NATO exit plan in Afghanistan

The recent onslaught of insider attacks in Afghanistan may change NATO’s plan to leave the country to Afghan security forces by 2014.

Insider attacks caused 32 percent of American fatalities in Afghanistan this month. In August alone, 10 American soldiers were killed by Afghan militants posing as allies.

Since these shootings became more common, NATO commander, Gen. John Allen ordered all forces in Afghanistan to carry loaded guns at all times. The LA Times reports that soldiers have also instituted an informal buddy system to monitor armed Afghan security forces.

Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, has taken credit for inspiring individuals to turn against foreign troops.

The Taliban has been increasingly active and violent in Afghanistan, even turning against Afghans sympathetic to NATO’s mission. The New York Times reports that Taliban have killed at least 255 Afghan civilians linked to NATO.

On the first day of Id-al-Fitr, an important Muslim holiday, a police chief and his relatives were bombed on their way to visit the grave of the chief’s predecessor, who was killed by the Taliban. The chief escaped alive, but three of his relatives did not.