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World watching as 6 U.N. observers arrive in Syria

Violence continued to strain nerves and kill people even after Syria’s fragile cease-fire allegedly began on Thursday and news came of six U.N. monitors arriving at last.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said shells had been fired at a rate of one a minute and at least three people had died, according to BBC news. Kieran Dwye, a U.N. peacekeeping spokesperson, said the observers landed in Damascus and would begin work Monday.

More monitors are still expected to arrive in Syria. A total of 30 monitors were approved for the observation mission, and special envoy Kofi Annan, who mediated the plan, hopes to eventually increase that number to over 200.

Questions about the Syrian regime’s commitment to the plan have been raised since Thursday, when the cease-fire was supposed to have begun, states the L.A. Times. The Local Coordination Committees released a statement regarding the U.N. Security Council resolution, saying that the U.N. observers, in the context of an international role, might contribute to “reducing the bloodshed of Syrian civilians.”

Further, the Times quoted the LCC statement as showing some optimism. “We … stress the need to see Mr. Kofi Annan’s plan through to the end, despite our doubts that the regime has the will or capability to implement all six points.”