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TX maid service offers nudity for services

A Texas maid service is offering nude maids to clean house.

Fantasy Maid Service in Lubbock charges $100 an hour for one maid and $150 an hour for two.

It even offers discounts for police with the tag line: “Ask about our law enforcement discount.”

However, Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said that the service does not have a permit to operate a sexually oriented business in Lubbock and that it faces a $2,000 fine. This is in spite of the fact that the service states on its website that it is not a sexually oriented business.

“DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SOLICIT A MAID FOR SEXUAL SERVICES,” the website states. It also implores customers to remain clothed.

The service’s owner Melissa Borrett, 26, stated that she started the service in February because she was struggling to make money as a waitress.

“We clean, we cook, we iron, do laundry, pretty much any kind of household chores … it’s all maids work,” she said. “I’m thinking Alice from the ‘Brady Bunch.’”

Although most of her clients have been men, Borrett stated that she will work for anyone. However, she said that she will not be nude for clients under 18.

She also expressed confidence that any investigation into her business will find nothing out of the ordinary.

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