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Two Summits: ‘Peace and War’ talks scheduled as NATO and Nobel summits held in Chicago

Chicago is playing host to two major international summits: a NATO gathering which will bring 50 world leaders to the city and a smaller Nobel Peace Laureates Summit.

“Peace and war” is how some are casting the separate gatherings. The Sun Times states the Nobel summit in Chicago would stress a peaceful resolution to world problems while the NATO gathering will not only bring many world leaders to Chicago, but their various defense ministers, top military officers, advisers and ambassadors. Much of the attention is apparently on the larger NATO summit, because of massive security arrangements, expected protesters, and the planned-for-yet uninvited terrorists.

One verbal war of words lately erupted among nations before the NATO convocation is a commotion between Turkey and Israel. A report from Haaretz cites a story that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was upset about Israel possibly attending the NATO summit. He is quoted as saying there would be “…no Israeli presence at the NATO meeting unless they issue a formal apology and pay compensation for the Turkish citizens their commandos killed in international waters.” Davutoglu’s remark came last week at a NATO conference in Brussels.

Israel is a member of a NATO outreach program known as the Mediterranean Dialogue, however, and some believe it to be important for Israel to attend. From Reuters, however, comes this statement by an unnamed Turkish official: “NATO is an alliance and even though Israel is not a member its attendance means … positive dialogue with NATO and all its members and without sorting this issue out we deem it not appropriate for Israel to be around.”

Other Turkish sources reportedly make less confusing statements. Reuters quotes them as believing both sides had actually reached an agreement on wording for an apology and payment of reparations to families. The issue now apparently is political pressure in Israel, especially from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. It caused Israel to back off from the deal they say.

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