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Newark mayor saves woman in house fire

The mayor of New Jersey’s largest city acted with heroism Thursday night when he ran into a burning home to rescue a woman inside, before the fire department had time to arrive.

Mayor Cory Booker, 42, of Newark had just been returning home from a television interview when he heard yelling coming from a burning home. According to The Associated Press, Booker’s security detail tried to stop him from entering the home. However, Booker but did it anyways “without thinking twice.” He recalled having fear as the house fire grew more intense.

“I punched through the kitchen and the flames and that’s when I saw Det. Rodriguez. He grabbed her as well and we got her down the stairs and we both just collapsed outside,” Booker said.

Booker escaped the fire and was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation at a hospital where he said he was having difficulty breathing, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Booker said his moment of bravery gave him even more respect for the firefighters who risk their lives.

“Honestly it was terrifying and to look back and see nothing but flames and to look in front of you and see nothing but blackness.”

Booker tweeted to his followers shortly after the event, “We got the woman out of the house. We are both off to hospital. I will b ok.”

Booker, an up-and-coming Democratic politician has earned respect for lending a helping hand in times of need, including the time he helped shovel snow during the 2010 blizzard.

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