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Yahoo threatens Facebook

Yahoo and Facebook are at a war. Yahoo is threatening to sue Facebook for not acknowledging, crediting, or licensing any of its technologies, some of which include advertising, messaging, and social networking.

PC World reports Yahoo is fast developing a large demand in social media like Facebook, and must accordingly be properly licensed for its intellectual property. It is even in the same leagues now as top technology companies like Google, Oracle, Motorola Mobility, and Apple. Yahoo has yet to disclose which specific technologies it wants Facebook to license, but speculation says that it will seek to include areas of advertising, personalization of Web sites, social networking, and messaging. There are an alleged 10-20 licensing fees to be discussed.

According to CNN however, there is some backlash to these allegations. Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said that, “Yahoo contacted us at the same time they called The New York Times and so we haven’t had the opportunity to fully evaluate their claims.”

MSNBC states that if this battle were to actually take place, it would mark the first time two huge media and technology companies would embark in a legal battle against each other. This would no doubt spark more carefully regulated terms between technology companies and those who encompass these new technologies, especially with the rise in smart phones and tablets.

With the rise of companies like Google, Yahoo must fight for dominance, and this surely will be a step in securing its patents and all the assets that rightfully belong to it. Yahoo is the largest company out of the dozens lately who have stepped up with these lawsuits.

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