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TSA forces mother to breast pump publicly, admits mistake

The Transportation Security Administration admitted that one of its Hawaii agents was wrong to tell a nursing mother she couldn’t bring her breast pump onto the plane while the bottles were empty.

Amy Strand was traveling from Lihue to Maui Wednesday afternoon on business when she was flagged for additional screening, KITV reported.

She was traveling with 9-month-old daughter Eva and carrying an electric feeding pump when she was told she could not bring the pump on the plane with her because the bottles were empty.

In order to be allowed on the plane, she was forced to pump in a bathroom facing a wall of mirrors with tourists coming in and out, and show the full bottles to the attendant, the Associated Press reported.

TSA recently changed screening procedures to allow women to bring breast milk on a plane without testing it. But breast milk is treated as medical equipment that may or may not require additional screening, the Associated Press reported.

TSA said in the statement that the agent was mistaken by telling Strand “that she could only bring the pack if it was medically necessary.”

“We accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her,” the statement went on to read.

The agent will repeat remediation training and a memo will be sent to agents at the Lihue airport about dealing with these types of situations in the future, the statement said.

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