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Standoff in Toulouse, France with suspected shooter

A suspect for the killing of seven victims in a terror spree in Toulouse, France is in a standoff with French riot police. Mohammed Merah is a Frenchman of Algerian descent who has reportedly visited Afghanistan and has been trained in the Pakistani military.

The Associated Press reported that hundreds of police arrived at an apartment complex in Toulouse in a 3 am raid which resulted in a firefight with three policemen injured. Police continue to try and persuade him to surrender but he is heavily armed and dangerous.

The three Jewish victims he is accused of shooting in a brutal terrorist attack on Monday were laid to rest today in a funeral in Jerusalem.

Merah is also suspected of killing three soldiers and wounding another in attacks that spanned from March 11 to last Monday.

BBC News said that Merah has alleged he has been trained by Al Quaeda and according to Prosecutor Francois Molins he had plans to kill a solder on Wednesday. “If he’s telling the truth, he would have left his house this morning and he would have once again killed any soldier that he came across,” Molins said.

Prosecutor Molins went on to say that Merah expressed no regret or sorrow and had said he wanted to “bring France to it’s knees.”

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