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NYPD fires one, forces three to resign

A New York police detective was fired and three others were forced to resign for their part in the shooting of an unarmed man after his bachelor party in 2006.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly made the decision following a department administrative trial judge’s ruling four months ago, saying undercover detective Gescard Isnora acted improperly when he fired the first shot, the Washington Post reported.

“There was nothing in the record to warrant overturning the decision,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

Marc Cooper and Michael Oliver, who also took part in the shooting of 50 rounds, and Gary Napoli, the commanding officer that night, were all forced to resign following department hearings, Reuters reported.

Sean Bell, 23 and black, was shot and killed by police officers after leaving a strip club early on his wedding day, sparking outrage from black community leaders, who said this incident was a prime example of the police’s use of excessive force and racial profiling.

The detectives had been monitoring the club for drug activity, when Bell and his friends left the club, where detectives thought they had been retrieving a gun. However, the men were unarmed, and the police opened fire once Bell rammed a police van.

A New York state judge acquitted Isnora and Oliver in 2008 from charges of manslaughter, and Cooper, who had been charged with reckless endangerment.


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  • tebram

    They all should have gone to JAIL…not just lose their jobs. They fired 50+ times on this unarmed man. Damn! Did it really take all that to kill him? The police in this country are insane. They know how to shoot to kill and how not to…they’re trained. As far as I’m concerned they knew EXACTLY what they were doing!!!!!!!!