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Neutrino beam messaging through 787 feet of stone

A simple message, “Neutrino,” sent through 787 feet of stone has been accomplished by scientists using the elusive particles that travel at almost the speed of light.

The communications possibilities using the particles now have people talking, because neutrinos are considered to be somewhat exotic particles which would normally pass right through Earth, reports MSNBC. The message that the scientists sent using neutrinos was translated into a binary code, turning the beam on and off for 1s and 0s. And after the neutrinos were detected, a computer set up on the other end successfully translated the code into English: the word “neutrino” was received.

The scientists involved, led by researchers from the University of Rochester and North Carolina State University, performed their testing at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Illinois, according to the press release from Rochester University. At Fermilab, they had the necessary access to two crucial components: one of the world’s most powerful particle accelerators, and a multi-ton detector called MINERvA, located in a cavern deep underground.

Most communication presently is done by sending and receiving electromagnetic waves, the university explains, and that is how radios, cell phones, and televisions operate. But electromagnetic waves can be blocked by many liquids and solids, but not so for neutrinos, which can pass freely through entire planets without blockage issues. The results have been reported in a submission to the journal Modern Physics Letters A.

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