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Mother loses legs while saving her children from tornado

A wife and mother of two lost a portion of both legs while protecting her son and daughter from a deadly tornado that touched down in direct route towards their home in Henryville, Indiana last Friday.

Stephanie Decker, 37, and her two children raced for the basement after receiving a phone call form her husband about a tornado heading straight for the house.

“I was reaching around, holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it wouldn’t hit ‘em,” she told CNN affiliate WLKY.

While protecting her children, Decker experienced a direct hit to both of her legs, while also suffering a punctured lung. Furthermore, she was crushed under a heap of debris causing seven of her ribs to be broken, ABC News reported.

Just when the storm was thought to have passed, another storm came rumbling through. She protected her children once more while the house crumbled around them.

“Everything started hitting my back. Beams, pillars, furniture. Everything was just slamming into my back. But I had my children in the blanket, and I was on top of them, and I was reaching around holding them,” Stephanie Decker said.

As the fight for survival continued, Decker recalled her children crying saying that they did not want to die or live without their mother. She reassured to them everything would be okay.

Decker spoke of her 8-year-old son as a hero, who crawled out from under the debris to find help at a nearby neighbors house. Decker was unable to move, realized that her legs were gone or barely attached.

Help arrived and Decker was rushed to the hospital. Her children walked away from the scene without a scratch.

“If you look in the basement, there’s no way anybody should have lived, let alone two kids who don’t have a scratch on them,” Joe Decker told CNN.



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