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Florida beach cleared after two shark attacks

Two teens were surfing in Florida when they were attacked and bitten by sharks.

Nick Romano,17, was bitten on his calf, and Sydney Levy,15, was bitten on her ankle. These were two different attacks that happened at around the time and caused the New Smyrna Beach to be cleared and closed for the time being. They are not sure when they will reopen the beach.

The Huffington Post reports that Romano was sitting on his surfboard when the shark bit into his calf. He received about 17 stitches for his injuries.

Romano states that the event is “surreal”. He says, “Every surfer always thinks, ‘One day I’m going to get bit by a shark.’ Well, today was my day.”

Levy was surfing with her mother when she was attacked. Levy was pulled under her surfboard. When she came up, there was blood on her ankle. But the nightmare was not over, as she was grabbed by the shark a second time. Her mother, Valey Levy, described the scene as something like the movie Jaws.

“I said, ‘There’s no way this thing is going to kill my daughter,’ and I grabbed her shoulders, and I pulled her up and threw her on the nose of my board,” Levy stated.

Levy was rushed to the hospital for surgery, but released after a few hours.

Check out the video here.

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