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Cyber attacks, asassinations, explosions: is there a covert war against Iran?

Has a war against Iran already started?

Some are pointing to some mysterious events and remarking that it sure seems so. Cyberattacks, assassinations, and explosions are mentioned in a recent Mother Jones article. Among the various mysterious events reported, there is confirmation last month by US officials that a terrorist group–the Mujahedin El-Khalq– has been working with Israel to kill Iranian nuclear scientists, as well as mention of an explosion in the Iranian steel factory in Yazd last December, which killed seven people, some of whom reportedly were non-Iranians. It keeps people wondering.

Perhaps it started in 2008 when Somali pirates, armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, captured the merchant vessel, Iran Deyanat, and then ransacked and searched the containers on board. But following the hijacking, a number of them became sickened and died, with skin burns and hair loss, according to reports mentioned by Fox news. Those pirates were sickened because of contact with the cargo said Somali minister of Minerals and Oil, Hassan Osman, who met with the pirates to negotiate. And it all led many to think the mysterious cargo aboard that commandeered Iranian ship maybe had contained materials used for chemical or biological weapons.

The Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi, according to another Fox report, has stated that his nation has “secret weapons yet unknown to the West that will be used in response to any attack on Iran.” Minister Vahidi himself is reportedly on a most-wanted Interpol list for the 1994 Jewish center bombing in Argentina which killed 85 people and injured hundreds more.

Fars News Agency, an Iranian organization run by Revolutionary Guards, says they have done an analysis indicating that if the U.S. strikes them militarily, more overtly perhaps, then Iran will counterattack against U.S. bases in the region and against U.S. interests worldwide.