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Art experts think they may have found lost Da Vinci fresco

Art experts in Italy have drilled through Giorgio Vasari’s The Battle of Marciano and have found the same pigment that was used on the Mona Lisa. The fresco, which is in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence where a project is underway, led by Maurizio Seracini.

Despite indications that Da Vinci’s work may be under the painting, the art historians have stressed that the findings are “not conclusive” despite the fact that the “data is very encouraging”.

The research into Vasari’s work has been controversial, with many art historians petitioning to stop the drilling deeming it harmful to the painting.

Tomaso Montanari, an art historian opposes the project. “What do they mean by saying the findings are compatible with Leonardo? Any painting from the Renaissance would be. Anything from that era could be painted on that wall,” Montanari said.

The researchers in Florence believe that Da Vinci’s lost epic “The Battle of Anghiari” is preserved underneath Vasari’s work. They point to a soldier in Vasari’s painting holding a flag that reads “He who seeks, finds” as a clue to the possible location of Da Vinci’s work.

There is a small cavity behind Vasari’s fresco where the team believes the Da Vinci fresco is. “No other gaps exist behind the other five massive Vasari frescoes in the high ceilinged wall,” the team noted, according to The Guardian.


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