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‘Army of Swine’: Misogynist Talk from Left, Right

Rush Limbaugh is being called a “misogynist” for saying what he thinks on the airwaves, but others point out that that sort of talk abounds from both left and right sides of the political spectrum.

Some of the latest charges of hypocrite come from the Daily Beast via Kirsten Powers. So, eventhough Limbaugh has apologized for calling a Georgetown Law student a “slut” for her testimony on contraception, Powers believes all sides need to be held accountable. And liberals leading the charge for a boycott against Limbaugh need to start holding their own accountable. Powers lists Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz among  what she refers to as an, “army of swine” as they have been waging war on women for years with misogynist outbursts.

Bill O”Reilly of Fox News also mentioned Maher as a misogynist. In his ‘Impact Segment’ O’Reilly wondered why Maher has not been denounced for saying vile things about conservative women. One instance he says was using the “c” word to describe Sarah Palin.

One point expressed by Robin Beres in the Richmond Times is that what anyone does with their sex life is their own business…but who wants to pay for that persons lifestyle choices?

  • Robert W Ahrens

    The main problem with Rush’s comments during his THREE DAYS attacking Ms. Fluke wasn’t only the name calling.  It was his shameless twisting, if not outright lying, over what her testimony was.  He turned her self-less testimony about a friend’s health issue into something completely unrelated by claiming she wanted to be paid for sex, when her testimony had NOTHING to do with sex at all!  She didn’t mention the subject, yet, he turned it into a sex-crazed monologue!  The name calling was a complete side issue, undoubtedly intended to deflect from his main intent, which was to misrepresent the testimony – which was completely successful!

    If there is any shame on the left here, it is in totally missing the point…