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Two western journalists killed in Syria

Heavy onslaughts by government forces has led to the death of an American and French journalist in Syria on Wednesday.

The Sunday Times of London journalist, Maria Colvin, was among one of the journalist killed in Homs. Colvin also reported for BBC, CNN, and other news sources, and was the only British news writer experiencing first hand the attacks in Syria. The French government confirmed the second death to be 28-year-old, Remi Ochlik, who was an award winning photographer from France. Both were inside a house in the Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs when killed in a mortar strike.

Opposition activists said Colvin and Ochlik had been in Syria without permission from Syrian authorities, The Washington Post reports. The Post further said that the tightly controlled Syrian government made is difficult to confirm details of the attack that killed the two.

“Marie Colvin embodied the highest values of journalism throughout her long and distinguished career,” William Hague, the British foreign minister said.

Colvin’s experience as a reporter led her to be embedded in conflicts around the world, including Sri Lanka in 2001, where she lost an eye. She further covered the Libyan civil war last year. The night before her death, Colvin had been on air with CNN describing the brutal attacks in Homs.

“The Syrian army is shelling the city of cold, starving civilians. There’s a lot of snipers on the high buildings surrounding the Baba Amr neighborhood. You can sort of figure out where a sniper is, but you can’t figure out where a shell is going to land,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Her discussion with CNN included videos of a young boy dying after being hit in the chest by shrapnel.

More international action is being called on by the United States as Syrian civilians plead for help in stopping the killings. The United States further hinted on Tuesday that arming Syrian rebels is not off the table. Leaders across the world are expected to meet in Tunis of Friday to discuss measures that could provide a solution to the Syrian crisis.

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