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Study: Active games do not increase children’s physical activity

A new study shows that “active” video games may not really get kids to be all that more active.

The study shows that children who were given active video games were no more active that children who were given regular hand-controlled video games.

According to WebMD Health News, this calls into the question the public health benefit of these active games such as Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports.

Previous studies have shown a small increase in physical activity if a child has an active video game in the home, but researchers say that this study proves there is no reason to believe this is true.

According to Fox News, the study, which was published in Pediatrics, gave 87 children aged 9-12 a Wii console and either two active or two inactive video games. The active video games included dance and sports games where players had to move their bodies in order to play.

According to WebMD Health News, the children with the active games showed no more of an increase in physical activity than the children with the inactive games.

The results stood when looked at in general and in any given time, although the children did say they liked the active games.

The study was designed to replicate a real life situation, where a child is given a new console and game and given no instructions on how or when to play.



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