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Social media activity surges during Super Bowl

People weren’t glued to their TV during the Super Bowl XLVI; many were busy posting commentary on social media sites.

Twitter saw a significant amount of activity during the big event. The game set a record for the most number of tweets sent during a sporting event.

BBC News reports that during the final three minutes of the game, about 10,000 tweets were sent per second.

12,233 tweets were sent per second during the last-minute Giants touchdown as well.

According to Mashable, social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs says that Super Bowl XLVI was the center of the most social media comments for a social TV event. The 2011 MTV VMAs held the previous record.

The halftime show was also the focus of many social media users. Bluefin found that 862,000 comments were posted on social media sites about the halftime show. Twitter reported 10,245 tweets posted per second during Madonna’s show.

Many Super Bowl ads were revealed online before the showdown between the Giants and Patriots.

David Beckham’s appearance in H&M’s “Bodywear for H&M” ad may have something to do with the numerous comments the ad received. Bluefin says the ad received the most comments on social media sites.

This was the first year the Super Bowl was streamed online as well.

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