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Ron Paul and the Quest for 1,144 Delegates

Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s recent statement that he is in second place behind Mitt Romney, has been replaying on You Tube, startling many who heard it.

Having been bested by other Republican candidates in primary and caucus states thus far, some voters probably thought it was just another bizarre statement from the Texas congressman. After all, most of America sees media charts on Ron Paul, like that posted at New York Times, and disregard what he and his campaign supporters claim.

Supporters of the candidate believe they have a better grasp of the confusing delegate system in American politics than does the media covering the race for 2012. On their website, the Daily Paul, they offer up a different tally: according to Paul supporters, Romney has 93 and candidate Paul has 82, indeed coming in second place behind Romney.

The Weekly Standard has posted a republican summary online about the delegates. Whether or not any of the presidential candidates can achieve the required 1,144 delegates to get the GOP nomination seems to be an issue. If none of the candidates gets the magical number of 1,144 delegates, a contested convention and a lot of wheeling and dealing would then ensue, says Karl Rove, former advisor to President George W. Bush, in the Wall Street Journal.

Overseas, the Guardian sees the Ron Paul campaign as waging a shrewd strategy for delegates, which could quite possibly shake up the GOP convention in Florida this August.

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