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Obama to men: ‘don’t forget’ Valentine’s Day

Before making a speech about the benefits of a payroll tax cut, President Barack Obama made a quick announcement aimed at the gentlemen of the country.

“Let me start with a quick public service announcement for all the gentlemen out there,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “Today is Valentine’s Day. Do not forget!”

He also added that he was speaking “from experience,” which insinuates that he could have used a reminder at some point in his 19 year year marriage with his wife Michelle.

He also added, as an afterthought: ”And go big — that’s my advice.”

Around 2:30 p.m., President Obama tweeted his own Valentine’s Day wish for is wife: “Hey, @MichelleObama: Happy Valentine’s Day. -bo”

According to CBS, there is no exact word on just how “big” the president went with his Valentine’s Day plans, but there was a special dinner involved.

“I’m going to take my wife out to dinner,” he said, according to CBS. The Obamas did later appear at Vermillion, a restaurant in a Washington suburb.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Mrs. Obama has not yet responded to the Tweet, but did express understanding that it can be hard for a couple with a campaign to run to have much of any surprise romance.

“It’s hard for him to pull off the big surprise when you’ve got a motorcade and police escorts and all that stuff,” she said.

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