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Honda recalls more automobiles

Honda, a world renown car company, popular for its reliability and affordable prices, has had 4 recalls in the past month. The most recent is calling for the return of the Odyssey minivans.

MSNBC reports that Honda has recalled 485,000 of the popular minivan due to the faulty gas-filled struts that could fail to hold up the rear hatch. If this were to happen, it could lead to very serious injuries.

Another recall has been announced for certain Pilot and Acura models for potential fuel system problems that could cause fires in the engine. Under this recall, a free service will be administered to the 8,709  cars to address the problem by inspecting the concern parts and replacing them if necessary.

There is much concern for these recalls because of their frequency in such a short span of time. However, number of affected cars is small, totaling about 50,000 vehicles. This adds to the tally from previous years in the industry which accumulates 15.5 million in the year 2011. Honda and Toyota, two Japanese companies have suffered considerable losses in their sales and overall economy due to the crushing earthquake and tsunami that occurred in March of last year.

Chief analyst of George Peterson with AutoPacific, Inc. has remarked that Honda should be worried, stating, ”The more word of this gets out there…the more sales they can lose.”

However, Honda is not the only car company requesting recalls. Luxury car company, Porsche, is recalling 20,000 Cayennes because of loose headlight assemblies in the fender.

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