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FDA says levels of lead in lipstick have risen

A federal government study has found that four hundred of the nation’s most popular lipsticks contain higher lead levels than previously determined.

An analysis by the Food and Drug Administration found that L’Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks were among the 10 most contaminated brands. The lipstick with the highest level of lead was Maybelline’s Color Sensational “Pink Petal” lipstick, which featured a concentration of 7.19 parts per million.

According to The Washington Post, the FDA and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have been fighting for years over whether there should be a limit imposed on the amount of lead allowed in lipstick. The FDA claims that heightened levels in makeup are not enough to cause health risks, but those who are part of the campaign believe that any levels are cause for concern.

The Personal Care Products Council’s chief scientist, Halyna Breslawec, asserts that lead is not intentionally added to lipstick or any other cosmetic. It is not an ingredient in making the product, but rather, a product of color additives approved by the FDA. These additives are mineral-based, and therefore often contain trace levels of lead that are naturally found in water, air and soil.

Currently, the biggest obstacle to consumer safety is determining just how much lead should be allowed in cosmetic products.

Breslawec recommends setting a limit of 10 parts per million, which is higher than any levels detected by the FDA so far.

  • Tianna Grey

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the price difference in cosmetics? Wet N Wild is among the cheapest and they aren’t listed.