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Bread the number one health issue in Americans diet

Perhaps Americans should think twice before taking that next slice of bread at the dinner table.

Bread and rolls are the No. 1 source for why nine out of 10 Americans over consume sodium in their diet, while chips come in at No. 10.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 44% of salt intake can be linked to ten types of food. While bread may not have as much salt in a single serving as other foods, Americans tend to go for extra slice of bread than any other food.

Time reports that Americans average sodium intake is 3,266 mg a day, while the governments recommended daily limit is 2,300 mg. Furthermore, six out of 10 Americans, about half the population, have a recommended salt limit of 1,500 milligrams.

These staggering numbers cause nearly 90% of Americans to be at risk of developing high blood pressure, which can ultimately lead to heart disease and stroke.

“Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in the United States and are largely dependent on the high rate of high blood pressure,” CDC Director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden said Tuesday.”One of the things that is driving blood pressure up is that most adults in this country eat or drink about twice the amount of sodium as is recommended,”

Store products are where two-thirds of Americans consume their salt. Moreover, The CDC reports that restaurants have a much higher salt per calorie than store-bought foods. Time reports that 75% all sodium consumption in a day comes from food prepared outside the home.

“People can choose how much food to add at the table,” Frieden said.

Findings suggest that new approaches are needed in order to reduce sodium content in processed foods. Fox New reports that the The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association said efforts are being made in reducing the salt content of its products while keeping consumers interested in the taste.


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  • Sophia

    Bread is the culprit? Interesting point. I guess many people also like to slab on some butter when they eat it, which makes it even worse. 

  • Sam

    Woah, really? I didn’t know that bread was that bad for people. I guess that the extra stuff put on it doesn’t help matters much, yeah?