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Police kill armed 8th-grader in Texas

Police shot and killed an 8th-grade student who was carrying a gun through his middle school’s halls Wednesday.

The shooting happened sometime around 8 a.m. at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville Texas, according to USA Today, after a school official noticed the boy was carrying a gun and called the police.

The boy pointed his gun at the officers in a hallway after a confrontation, which prompted the officers to fire. According to Reuters, the boy was armed with a rifle.

Police shot the boy three times, and then he was rushed to Valley Baptist Medical Center, The Brownsville Herald reports. The boy passed away from his injuries. His identity is unclear as of yet.

Investigators have not discovered a reason or motive behind the boy carrying a gun to school, Reuters reported.

It is still unclear whether the boy had actually fired any shots. The middle school was placed on lock down, and no other students were hurt. One other student was detained for questioning.

The students were moved to a nearby high school by district school buses, and classes were dismissed for the day.

The school stood under lock down for two hours after the incident, and SWAT officers searched the building “room by room,” Drue Brown, public information officer for the Brownsville Independent School District, told Reuters.


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