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Landslide in the Philippines kills 25

The town on Pantukan located on the Mindanao Island of the Philippines experienced a landslide early Thursday morning. At least 25 people are reported to have died.

The landslide occurred around 3 a.m. while most residents were sleeping. The Associated Press reports that about 50 buildings and houses were swept away with the mud. Along with the structural damage and death, about 150 more are missing. Search and rescue teams believe many of the missing to be buried under the dirt and debris.

Many residents of Pantukan mine for gold despite the lack of regulation and the dangers. The mountainside was deemed a risk after a fissure was noticed last year but, because finding gold is such a profitable business for the Filipino people, they continued mining in the mountain. Mining shafts coupled with heavy rains experienced in region caused the earth to finally give way. The BBC reports that government officials warned the residents of the danger but so many just refused to leave.

Soldiers and volunteers have descended on the area to provide rescue help and support. Rescuing has been very difficult though because some of the land is still moving. Despite the hardships, 16 injured people have been found and were able to be sent to the hospital. At least 6 of them were injured critically.