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I missed an earthquake?!?

I’m sitting in my living room watching a daytime soap opera with my mother. Within 10 minutes of the program, reporters interrupt for a “Special News Break.” For the next hour and a half, we watch reports of an earthquake that occurred in D.C. and the subsequent evacuations.

I live over four hours from Washington D.C., yet buildings were evacuated and countless people reported that they felt the shaking. Countless family members and friends from D.C., Delaware, and my hometown of Scranton all told stories of a violent shaking underneath their feet for a few seconds while my mom and myself sat there dumbfounded. What were they talking about? Nothing happened near us.

People all over my town told stories of where they were when the world shook. Yet, I had nothing to say. People told stories of pictures swaying on their walls, or their entire buildings shaking. Even people in my own neighborhood had a story to share. Our news stations showed local live coverage of evacuations and reports describing the events of the day. Still, I sat there in silence.

It became quite clear while the anchor reported airport delays, building evacuations, and the danger of aftershock tremors that my mother and I were too distracted by All My Children to notice the ground beneath us shaking violently and an earthquake took place.